Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Perfect

What's Perfect

He made her ears burn,
he said all that would make heads turn,
She told him not to ever burn bridges down,
but he was hell bent on giving her a dressing down,
He did not know yet,
that there's a fire in her that burns bright,
but no sweat, she thought,
He will see it all soon,
in black and white.
A perfect relationship is what we all want,
But is there anything as "perfect" in our lives?
How do perfect relations thrive?
Are we taking this all too far?
Must we not give each other breathing time
and stop making it all so bizarre? 
Each wants to control the other,
least realizing that this kind of limitation can be such a sucker,
and make the two of them suffer.
But alas! that's when its time to say goodbye.
Ah! *sigh* ,If only they realized that it was love that got them together,
and sadly the ego what tore them apart.
So you gotta be clever,
and never allow ego and pride enter your heart.


Neil Sarkar said...

perfect poem......once u have penetrated the true meaning of the words..........der a lot of meaning to life der...loved it

Varnika Kapoor said...

thank you Neil :)