Monday, May 20, 2013


Make peace not war,
Love don't abhor .
Go celebrate!! Live life to its fullest,
Its a short life given to you to live in zest.
Do the Buddha!! Give up the angst,
peace brings prosperity,
I say that in all sincerity.
Go Party!! hook up!!
dance the rap!!
Don't let no one mess up.
Smash it and rock it!!
Who can stop you? Don't bottle it!!
Believe in your dreams,
dream them big,
stop not till it makes you do a gig .
React not to toxic crap,
or to people with polluted souls,
De oxygenate them,
they will find their own sound hole.
Get into action,
get moving! Life will pass by in just a blinkin'
Fear not, be bold,
strike your chest n cut out the cold!!
Hey! a minute here, the other gone,
hold on to those precious moments,
'coz on them you can count on.
People change, and that's a fact,
accept that quick,
before it hits you point blank!!
Life is fun, playful and amusing,
But our share of woes, 
is something that we never chose,
deal with it valiantly,
lets not make it too confusing.
Keep your faith alive,
Because that is when life will give you a high five !!

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