Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Virtually Virtual

What I am trying to say here,
is that with us you must bear,
We are the post y2k people,
In virtual dealings we do dabble.
Things like body language and eye contacts,
is a concept of the past,
you gotta get this straight or online you wont last.
You meet me on our common ground,
and I daresay that's a social network,
will see you around there,
you be wearing my fav sweatshirt.
We'll romp, n play,
tease and  go astray.
You whisper love notes,
While I'll send you songs,
to thee I so lovingly devote.
We'll chat for hours,
each looking at the stars,
getting all dreamy,
yeah!! Its getting to be so steamy,
My thoughts and actions all tilting towards becoming a virtual junkie,
My real friends are all gone,
I am goggle eyed,
I walk around like a zombie.
It was the constant nagging of my loved ones,
annoyed at my net hours were they so,
they are mine and so refuse to let go.
They stayed by me, not leaving my side,
till I gave up the drive to be on the website,
that I fathomed was my friend and guide.
They pulled me out from my delusion,
the hyper-cyberspace might come crashing in my life,
was my conclusion.
We gotta use it wisely, I surmised,
for something I was so zealously chastised.
Upon hindsight I feel that was a matchless blessing they could bestow.
I let the days pass,
using my will and acumen,
my  "thinking feeling" machine,
I realized is not human.
So I decided to meet up,
the online guy I perceived I loved,
Why not bring our passions and fondness face to face,
and hush all those who imagined we were fake?
And I go online,
I don't see you there?
and then, my heart racing I type his name,
oh halt !! My sensibilities said,
He is gone outta the frame!!
They talked of blocking people they did not want,
I had heard,
So it was all a dumb game!!
Brokenhearted  I bawled barrels,
till the seat of my soul boomed out a tumultuous roar,
Oh! But it sounded like a peaceful carol,
I realized I virtually wanted no more,
of such associations.
Attraction if it must be,
a real guy from the real world I foresee,
who will hold my hand and tell me,
all that I yearn to hear,
and will set my sentiments in a flurry.
As for the online guy,
ha!!Some poor girl, again it must be,
in her sweatshirt that he so wants to see.


Tricia Carr said...

You coax it along, here it comes. It's the truth in a very poetic outfit. I'm a fan of your work.
See you in class.

Varnika Kapoor said...

Seeya Tricia :) Thank you for appreciating my work..:)

When Babbling makes sense said...

I can feel the same,it seems you have stolen my words !! Nice work ma'am :)

Varnika Kapoor said...

Thank you!!! I am sure I'll be reading some great work on your blog too :)

tinku_kite flyer said...

Wonderful mam. Is that by you?
and second thing do you remember your this dumb student?