Sunday, May 12, 2013

For the sake of love

He asked her if she would hug him,
she complied, starry eyed, heart racing,
They felt the warmth, and they felt the peace.
An evening walk in the breeze, hand in hand,
He felt strong and complete, she was glad,
that they had each other, in these mad paced,
crazy days when people were racing ahead,
life was turning out to be rather bland.
He held her and gently kissed her on her lips,
she smiled, and knew, there was no turning back.
the sands of time know,  alas! they never show.
From part time lovers, from a kiss to a rose, their fate seemed sealed.
A smile , a look, and long exchanges,
of love, life, friends, future, fears, and people strange.
The sweethearts met, without a care, eager to
open their hearts to each other.
They did not know there was a cruel world out there,
A materialistic, selfish, uncaring world, That professed hate more than love.
She did not harbor adverse feelings about them,
he had a doubt, and so he began to condemn
his thoughts and emotions.
In a state of confusion
he began to loosen the grip.
She was amused, but still happy with her own judgement.
Her intuition and faith kept her going,
They still met, they still spoke.
It would be amazing to the common bloke,
how they held on, continuing their prattle,
happy, content, growing and knowing.
But the cruel hands of fate played the dirty trick.
The love in him seemed limited,
it dried,
and she cried,
her heart felt cold,
and she was alone.
The hands of time held her close,
did not let her get morose.
She loves still, she smiles,
and lives.
But there is no "him",
To hear him, she pines,
but has resigned, and come to terms.
Her love was never infirm,
Even though, he loves her she knows,
Its a tough wind that blows
He has to go, he says..

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