Saturday, September 13, 2008

New skills for the current generation?

This discussion started by "drona" in seems a very important issue, for teachers in India. You will view my comments as varni, which you can read. I am providing the link here and expect lots of comments from teachers around..

Its all about Creativity and Innovativeness, Dear Teachers !!

I chanced upon this video, and was taken to the content matter, which talked about how much of change we as teachers can bring in the lives of children by being creative in our teaching practices, as well as encouraging it among the younger generation. Teachers need to think how much of creativity we are nourishing among children.It directly relates to the atmosphere in school. Most schools in India lack a plan whereby teachers could incorporate their own personal teaching ways. But the attitude and style can be our own, I guess, and educators can within the restricted atmosphere of the school try and make those forty minutes as creative as they can. Easier said than done, I know. But if managed, we also know the difference that we can make.
For children to be able to feel free to express his/her thoughts, feelings and ideas, they first need to have that confidence in the teacher. Too much regulation and testing curtails creativity in anyone, be it students or teachers. If a teacher is throughly bored with the monotony and needs a change , she might just hit upon ideas skirting the mundane-ness of it all, in other words grey cells may be stimulated to change her/his style and make things interesting for children. It just might make the child happy enough to want to come to school.
A teacher needs to: a) Impart Knowledge; b) build in confidence among children; c) build up personality d) help children lead productive lives and over all equip them well to face the world confidently. For many schools it is an either/or situation.
If children are happy, the home is happy, in turn the society and the world will be happy, so says Dave Eggers in this video. And don't we all agree?
Watch this very inspiring video, and see what a lot of difference a teacher can make. Its title is "ONCE UPON A SCHOOL". Learning in informal groups and an unstructured atmosphere, we do notice that it happens faster and more beautifully..
Encouraging technology in classrooms, allowing children to accumalate information and present ideas on their own, and through so many more different ways other than the 'Talk and Chalk" method could we allow our children to grow.

A Wonderful Video!!

Now we all wonder what our children think of us. Those eccentricities, those spurts and bursts of anger, excitement, fun and all. Life is a stage isn't it? We all play a part..
This video "You'll miss me", is so interesting..All those wonderful lively MA'S out there- Love You All.