Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Virtually Virtual

What I am trying to say here,
is that with us you must bear,
We are the post y2k people,
In virtual dealings we do dabble.
Things like body language and eye contacts,
is a concept of the past,
you gotta get this straight or online you wont last.
You meet me on our common ground,
and I daresay that's a social network,
will see you around there,
you be wearing my fav sweatshirt.
We'll romp, n play,
tease and  go astray.
You whisper love notes,
While I'll send you songs,
to thee I so lovingly devote.
We'll chat for hours,
each looking at the stars,
getting all dreamy,
yeah!! Its getting to be so steamy,
My thoughts and actions all tilting towards becoming a virtual junkie,
My real friends are all gone,
I am goggle eyed,
I walk around like a zombie.
It was the constant nagging of my loved ones,
annoyed at my net hours were they so,
they are mine and so refuse to let go.
They stayed by me, not leaving my side,
till I gave up the drive to be on the website,
that I fathomed was my friend and guide.
They pulled me out from my delusion,
the hyper-cyberspace might come crashing in my life,
was my conclusion.
We gotta use it wisely, I surmised,
for something I was so zealously chastised.
Upon hindsight I feel that was a matchless blessing they could bestow.
I let the days pass,
using my will and acumen,
my  "thinking feeling" machine,
I realized is not human.
So I decided to meet up,
the online guy I perceived I loved,
Why not bring our passions and fondness face to face,
and hush all those who imagined we were fake?
And I go online,
I don't see you there?
and then, my heart racing I type his name,
oh halt !! My sensibilities said,
He is gone outta the frame!!
They talked of blocking people they did not want,
I had heard,
So it was all a dumb game!!
Brokenhearted  I bawled barrels,
till the seat of my soul boomed out a tumultuous roar,
Oh! But it sounded like a peaceful carol,
I realized I virtually wanted no more,
of such associations.
Attraction if it must be,
a real guy from the real world I foresee,
who will hold my hand and tell me,
all that I yearn to hear,
and will set my sentiments in a flurry.
As for the online guy,
ha!!Some poor girl, again it must be,
in her sweatshirt that he so wants to see.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Make peace not war,
Love don't abhor .
Go celebrate!! Live life to its fullest,
Its a short life given to you to live in zest.
Do the Buddha!! Give up the angst,
peace brings prosperity,
I say that in all sincerity.
Go Party!! hook up!!
dance the rap!!
Don't let no one mess up.
Smash it and rock it!!
Who can stop you? Don't bottle it!!
Believe in your dreams,
dream them big,
stop not till it makes you do a gig .
React not to toxic crap,
or to people with polluted souls,
De oxygenate them,
they will find their own sound hole.
Get into action,
get moving! Life will pass by in just a blinkin'
Fear not, be bold,
strike your chest n cut out the cold!!
Hey! a minute here, the other gone,
hold on to those precious moments,
'coz on them you can count on.
People change, and that's a fact,
accept that quick,
before it hits you point blank!!
Life is fun, playful and amusing,
But our share of woes, 
is something that we never chose,
deal with it valiantly,
lets not make it too confusing.
Keep your faith alive,
Because that is when life will give you a high five !!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gyan Dutt Pandey ji on Dinesh Chandra of Lokbharti

Thank You Gyan Dutt Pandey ji ( )for sending this link to me. I so appreciate your sense of loyalty and respect towards my pa and Lokbharti. I suppose this is enhanced by the fact that you love reading and also because both of you share your date of birth. And yes, I too am impressed by his energy levels even at this age and his need to keep abreast with the latest happening around him, keeping his own point of view too. Both my parents are a constant source of inspiration to me.May God Bless them..
You can read the conversation between Dinesh Chandra Grover and Gyan Dutt ji in the link pasted below...

My Two Firm Germs

Before I write about my own children, I would like to quote Khalil Gibran , and what he spoke about children. They are beautiful words and an insight and a lesson to parents, I suppose, so relevant in today's competitive world, where parents get hyper about raising their children.
This is how it goes :
And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, "Speak to us of Children."
And he said:
Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

( There is so much I would like to pen down about my children, whom I consider as God's blessings to me. I may keep adding on, but for now, this shall suffice.) 
These two little babies,
the best in the world,
are mine own,
The two bright lively creatures,
Vandita and Varun.
So similar, yet so apart,
One a geek, the other too soft at heart.
One a bright spark, monstrously independent,
the other an unimaginably deep thinker,
and so determined.
Both gentle peace loving souls,
admirably enjoy whatever life doles.
Little are their needs, wonder
if the lord up there never in them did put a portion of greed.
Alas! Ambitious they are not,
in competition they do not indulge.
Such brilliance!! The intellectual assets they possess,
Is something for which the world would obsess.
So to put in use their honourable intentions,
is what all wise people would solemnly mention. 
Raw and vulnerable is Varun,
in need of guidance,
amusing and nerdy, yet so sturdy.
Vandita,with her wit and  humour,
she has many a friend,
eager to hear her mettlesome banter.
Affectionate and smart, she was always from the start.
They're foodies, both with tastes differing,
In their mother they don't see much of a cook thing happening.
They look up to their pa,
who loves to spoil them, but his rules are firm,
to make them strong is what he yearns.
They are the gen next,
determined never to quit,
they face challenges bravely.
The warrior genes dominant in them maybe.
Their ornament is their simplicity,
a rare virtue today,
which seldom finds complicity.
I am their best friend,
with whom they share their joys and sorrows,
proud they will make me,
my blessings for their morrows.
Their future lies in their hands,
May it forever be bright, happy peaceful and healthy,
May they in their sensitivity be supremely wealthy.
May they climb mountains and attain heights,
May their successes take many a flight.
Betwixt the two immeasurable love abounds ,
brother and sister, in them gardens of affection are found.
Villifiers they are not,
denounce goons and buffoonery,
attacking people, they do not find necessary. 
A small prayer I do say for them, dear Lord,
Please keep them safe,in love, and in good health,
In whatever they do, strike a passionate chord.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

For the sake of love

He asked her if she would hug him,
she complied, starry eyed, heart racing,
They felt the warmth, and they felt the peace.
An evening walk in the breeze, hand in hand,
He felt strong and complete, she was glad,
that they had each other, in these mad paced,
crazy days when people were racing ahead,
life was turning out to be rather bland.
He held her and gently kissed her on her lips,
she smiled, and knew, there was no turning back.
the sands of time know,  alas! they never show.
From part time lovers, from a kiss to a rose, their fate seemed sealed.
A smile , a look, and long exchanges,
of love, life, friends, future, fears, and people strange.
The sweethearts met, without a care, eager to
open their hearts to each other.
They did not know there was a cruel world out there,
A materialistic, selfish, uncaring world, That professed hate more than love.
She did not harbor adverse feelings about them,
he had a doubt, and so he began to condemn
his thoughts and emotions.
In a state of confusion
he began to loosen the grip.
She was amused, but still happy with her own judgement.
Her intuition and faith kept her going,
They still met, they still spoke.
It would be amazing to the common bloke,
how they held on, continuing their prattle,
happy, content, growing and knowing.
But the cruel hands of fate played the dirty trick.
The love in him seemed limited,
it dried,
and she cried,
her heart felt cold,
and she was alone.
The hands of time held her close,
did not let her get morose.
She loves still, she smiles,
and lives.
But there is no "him",
To hear him, she pines,
but has resigned, and come to terms.
Her love was never infirm,
Even though, he loves her she knows,
Its a tough wind that blows
He has to go, he says..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Perfect

What's Perfect

He made her ears burn,
he said all that would make heads turn,
She told him not to ever burn bridges down,
but he was hell bent on giving her a dressing down,
He did not know yet,
that there's a fire in her that burns bright,
but no sweat, she thought,
He will see it all soon,
in black and white.
A perfect relationship is what we all want,
But is there anything as "perfect" in our lives?
How do perfect relations thrive?
Are we taking this all too far?
Must we not give each other breathing time
and stop making it all so bizarre? 
Each wants to control the other,
least realizing that this kind of limitation can be such a sucker,
and make the two of them suffer.
But alas! that's when its time to say goodbye.
Ah! *sigh* ,If only they realized that it was love that got them together,
and sadly the ego what tore them apart.
So you gotta be clever,
and never allow ego and pride enter your heart.



Worry is so worrisome,
It creates stress we would want to run away from.
We worry over things big and small,
Oh! the bacteria in my food!!
Oh! the new gen blues!!
Oh! my friend sings so well,
and oh! my waist! It increases so in magnitude!
And we worry worry worry!
What if we frowned a bit, laughed a bit, and then let it go
away from us, in a hurry?
Whats done is done ,
in theory sounds refreshing,
But Hey! Worry I must, over the past,
Don't teach me stuff that keeps me from pain?
That plague in me, gives me pleasure..
How in the world would I enjoy my innately happy soul's mirth?
Without worry, would i have nothing to do then?
'coz I have embraced worry as my friend?
Don't fret! Don't torment!
The uncertainties will go,
the distress will melt away,
if you do de stress.
Do not give sad thoughts even a cent.
Get busy! Stay in control,
Life is a sugar bowl.
Its sweet and its sour,
salty and tangy,
so enjoy the flavours like you would in food,
Savour each bite,
'coz that's the essence of life that's most valued.