Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Trip to Tokyo- Vineet gets "BEST MASTER OF THE YEAR" Award

Hey Guys,
This was a rare and a proud moment for me, to witness Vineet getting the award by NYK, the company he works for as Master at sea. We were put up at the Marunochi Hotel, which is in the heart of Tokyo, close to the Imperial Palace. The NYK building was close by. On the first evening we had dinner on a cruise liner owned by NYK, called Lady Crystal. It was great meeting people working for NYK, from all over the world collect together for the Global NYK Week at Tokyo.
The next day was the award ceremony, where Vineet and the other awardees were handed the momemto by the President of the company, the very respected Mr. K. Miyahara. Mr. Miyahara, enlightened all by speaking about the history of The NYK Group. After receiving the award Vineet thanked NYK for this felicitation, on behalf of all those who were the recipients of the award. There was a photo session, as you can see from the video, and post lunch, we went out sight seeing. We went to the Tokyo Tower, and The Asakusa Temple, which is a Buddhist and a Shinto Temple.
The day ended with a formal dinner. A special note here, of praise for the convener of this whole program, Capt. Tanaka, an amazing person with a precision to details, a stickler for time, and a perfect example of the Japanese that I have known, conforming to the "firm but Kind" attitude.
In all, a perfectly enjoyable and enlightening experience for me.
The song that I have added along with the video is 'Feels Like Fire' by Carlos Santana.


Manas said...

It seems like an awesome trip masi. So proud of masa. :)

Varnika said...

Honey, We're all so proud of you too...Thanks for appreciating anyway.It sure was a super trip, shall remember it fondly for a long time to come.

Atul said...

Way to go, Master & Commander Kapoor. Master at Sea is a long way from land locked Allahabad. Hats off and keep on sailing. You do us all proud.

Hope to see Vineet and the family again. Thanks to Varnika for keeping us posted.

From Seattle,


Nidhi Khanna said...

Di this simply wonderful... so proud of his achievement... u both look wonderful and so blissful...

Shuchi Grover said...

When's the hero returning home? Will he be home for Diwali? Our tix are locked and loaded. Can't wait...

Anyway, I guess I shared way too many comments via email on these Tokyo lovely pictures of yours. Envious of your wardrobe and jewelry ;)...and of course, very happy for you and Vineet :D

Mr. Stout said...

I'm glad you had a chance to visit the great city of Tokyo. I hope you can come here again. Perhaps we'll meet then and share teaching ideas face to face.
All the best,